Notable Press Quotes: 

““Some Stay Young” boasts practiced, lightweight vocals and a stunning melody that could easily turn any spring-chasing human into a tailspin. One thing is clear: this track is a must for your party and kickback playlists.” - Impose Magazine 

“Bands like Sigur Rós and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are the clear reference points here, though Oceans Are Zeroes is shooting for something more terrestrial than those bands, finding epic dynamics within interpersonal relationships. The songs are interspersed with little details that suggest an intimacy that all the pyrotechnics and dynamic shifts can’t hide… Oceans Are Zeroes is a professional and beautiful album from a band who deserves your attention.” - PopMatters 

“This music demands attention.” - Soundblab 

“The album is awash in sprawling, epic soundscapes. The gorgeous, enchanting orchestration proves to be a fine match for the celestial vocals of Joseph Lyle, making for music that is at times dark but is ultimately triumphant.” - Glide Magazine 

“The album invites the listener on a thrill ride of a journey through heartbreak, and it does delivers plenty of excitement along the way.” - Americana UK 

“An instrumental masterpiece” - MySpace

“With tracks like “Fugue State” and the moody, introspective “Inside” the album as a whole weaves a tapestry of emotion culled from the band’s own personal tribulations. There is also a sense of the sublime about the album no doubt the result of a musical contact high caught from recording in a cabin deep in the majesty of the Idaho wilds.” - Ravelin Magazine 

“Music takes patience, takes grace and grace can be glorious. Sometimes that space can be uncomfortable, even terrifying, but through it you may grow stronger and understand better. This ethereal band Oceans Are Zeroes (formerly Glenmerle) are inspired by heartbreak, sorrow and the wonderful elements of nature around them.” - Spill Magazine